There are many people I need to recognize and thank for their help during this project. I was happily given access across the property of Rob and Katie Ferris—they did not know me, but let me use their dirt road along the Upper Arkansas River. I also wish to thank Arkansas River Adventures rafting company for taking the time to direct me to places I needed to go. Jeff Neumann not only gave me his gracious approval to climb Raspberry Butte, but guided me to the spot I was seeking. Judith Rice-Jones is always willing and able to give information on the history of Colorado Springs; if she does not know it, she will find it. Jim Burkhart and Fred Coolidge timber bashed our way up Lone Cone—nice trip! I am truly indebted to all of the Colorado College library staff, especially Steve Lawson and Weston Taylor. Colorado College has a treasure trove of Hayden material, and the staff let me dig through the stacks and even scan several of the drawings. I appreciate the Colorado Geological Survey and especially Matt Morgan for scanning some of the wonderful landscape drawings I have used in the book. Scott Travis and Sue Johnson-Erner of the National Park Service were full of help in finding specific information on the Mesa Verde drawing. The people at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park were really helpful: I feel tremendous gratitude to Jacob Dance Jr., Veronica Cuthair, and most of all our guide Rutherford Mills Sr.

I also gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences; and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies for their very generous support for this project.

The person without whom I could not have done this project is my partner in hiking and all other things, my wife, Carole. She was intrepid, tenacious, insightful, and picky about where the photos should be taken! We had a great time together.