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Bartlett 1962

Bartlett, Richard A. 1962. Great Surveys of the American West. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.

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Benedict 1991

Benedict, Audrey D. 1991. The Southern Rockies: A Sierra Club Naturalist’s Guide. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

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Blair 1996

Blair, Rob, ed. 1996. The Western San Juan Mountains: Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History. Niwot: University Press of Colorado.

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Blake 1999

Blake, Kevin S. 1999. “Peaks of Identity in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.” Journal of Cultural Geography 18 (2): 29–55. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08873639909478303.

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Blake 2008

Blake, Kevin S. 2008. “Imagining Heaven and Earth at Mount of the Holy Cross, Colorado.” Journal of Cultural Geography 25 (1): 1–30. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08873630701822588.

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Bowles 1869

Bowles, Samuel. 1869. The Switzerland of America. Springfield, MA: S. Bowles & Co.

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