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Marr 1961

Marr, John W. 1961. Ecosystems of the East Slope of the Front Range in Colorado, University of Colorado Studies, Ser. Biol. 8. Boulder: University Press of Colorado.

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Matthews 2003

Matthews, Vincent, Katie KellerLynn, and Betty Fox, eds. 2003. Messages in Stone: Colorado’s Colorful Geology. Denver: Colorado Geological Survey.

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Meinig 1979

Meinig, Donald. 1979. The Interpretation of Ordinary Landscapes: Geographical Essays. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Merrill 1999

Merrill, Marlene D., ed. 1999. Yellowstone and the Great West: Journals, Letters, and Images from the 1871 Hayden Expedition. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

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Moore 2006

Moore, James G. 2006. King of the 40th Parallel: Discovery in the American West. Stanford, CA: Stanford General Books.

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